Family Says VA Delay Caused Son's Death

Family Says VA Delay Caused Son's Death

The family of Sgt. Issac Sims, a brain-injured Iraq War veteran with PTSD who was killed over Memorial Day weekend by Kansas City Police after he pointed a gun at them during a standoff, told KCTV that delays in their son’s treatment at the VA Hospital caused their son’s death.  

The Sims family said they contacted the VA after their son drove around town in a Hummer believing he was back in Iraq, but their concerns “fell on deaf ears,” and the VA “didn’t move quickly enough.”  Sims’ mother said the VA told her that her son’s problem “not big enough,” and they were waiting for a bed to come available when he was killed by the police.  Sims’ mother concluded that “[the VA] let him fall through the cracks, and he’s dead now.”

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