Ben Carson: Cantor Loss Signals Huge Change Coming in November

Ben Carson: Cantor Loss Signals Huge Change Coming in November

Wednesday on’ “Rare Radio,” host Kurt Wallace asked Dr. Ben Carson for his thoughts on last nights defeat of the second-most powerful Republican, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) in the Virginia primary.

Dr. Carson answered, “Well, this is not terribly surprising to me because I’ve been traveling all over the country and seeing what people are saying and what people are thinking. People are almost in a state of panic about whats going on in our country. And both Republicans and Democrats seem to get to Washington and then forget about the people and forget about the real issues and continue down the pathway of increasing government size and increasing spending and really not listening to their constituents. And even some of the conservatives who are there do the same thing, they become more concerned about their power and their positions then they do about the people.”

Carson warned, “But it should tell the conservatives what I and several people have been talking about for a long time. You got to have some spine! People are looking for people with spine, not jelly-spine but steel spines who will stand up to the progressive agenda which is destroying America. That why I think you are going to see a huge change in November. It’s going to be just like last night. People are going to be scratching their head – what happened here?”

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