Bill Maher: Republicans Are Cheaters

Bill Maher: Republicans Are Cheaters

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Cycle,” co-panelist Touré Neblett aired his wide-ranging interview with HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher.

Among the topics discussed was his “Flip a District” effort, which was his effort to target one certain Republican member of Congress determined by a head-to-head bracket match-up advancing to the next stage of the bracket in contest to determine the “worst member of Congress.”

Maher said his effort wasn’t serious and was intended to be more of a publicity-seeking endeavor to shed light on Congress.

“First of all, you know – it’s really not all that serious,” Maher said. “Yes, we possibly could flip a district. You know, the problem Touré is there are only about half a dozen districts that are even flippable. This is really what we’re trying to do — we’re shining a light on this problem that somehow, the American people when you poll them give Congress a favorability rating sometimes in the single digits. And yet, they return over 90 percent to their office. Incumbency is at an all-time high. The only way you can get thrown out of office is to die or tweet a picture of your penis. That’s about it.”

Maher took aim at Republicans specifically, accusing them of “cheating” through various ways of staying in power.

“So we would like to – at least if we can, flip somebody to shed light on that problem,” he continued. “And maybe we’ll get lucky and we will. I mean, there is a lot of people out there we have found that are so dissatisfied with their representation. And it’s a shame. People deserve better, but because of gerrymandering and the way they — come on, how do the Republicans win? They cheat. That’s their method. They cheat. We can beat around the bush but their policies if you go down the line — people don’t always understand the policies, they don’t like they hate ObamaCare because it has Obama’s name is in it … How do Republicans — they cheat. They fool people, they gerrymander, voter repression — they’re cheaters.”

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