MSNBC's Wagner on Cochran Win: A Tea Party 'Waterloo'

MSNBC's Wagner on Cochran Win: A Tea Party 'Waterloo'

MSNBC host Alex Wagner and former RNC Chairman Michael Steele did not appear to be disappointed about Sen. Thad Cochran’s (R-MS) primary victory in a discussion on the Mississippi Republican runoff race on her Wednesday show.  Wagner declared “the establishment made Mississippi a Tea Party Waterloo.” 

After playing clips from McDaniel’s speech last night, Wagner stated “what McDaniel and his supporters consider compromising and abandoning the conservative movement is anything that resembles constructive governance.”  

Steele mocked the frustration of McDaniel’s supporters, and stated that Cochran won because he was “talking about the poor and forgotten in terms of how we make federal dollars that come back into the state work best for them. Now, for a lot of conservatives today, that’s an anathema but it wasn’t in the bygone era of the early 1980s and early 1990s.” 

He concluded by suggesting that complaints that Cochran received votes from Democratic candidates were racist, saying “How dare anyone say that, you know, this was a bad thing that black folks actually supported a Republican candidate for the United States Senate? I’m ashamed.”

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