Ingraham: 'There Will Be Hell to Pay' if GOP Pushes Amnesty

Ingraham: 'There Will Be Hell to Pay' if GOP Pushes Amnesty

On her Tuesday radio show, Laura Ingraham warned that there will be “hell to pay” for the Republican Party in upcoming elections if they continue pushing immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for current illegal immigrants. 

She stated that Republicans who have pushed immigration reform are responsible for the crisis at the southern border, saying “to my friend Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Bob Goodlatte, and the whole rest of the crew on Capitol Hill, who refused to take [immigration] off the table…the fact that you did not take this issue off the table helped create this magnet that we are seeing right now at this border,” and predicted “there will be hell to pay at the polls if the Republicans keep doing the garbage that they’re doing on this.” 

She also said that President Barack Obama will never “undertake good-faith enforcement of any new immigration reform bill passed,” because “Obama will do whatever he damn well pleases, he doesn’t care what the rule of law is, he doesn’t care what the Constitution says, he doesn’t care what your stupid immigration reform law will look like.”

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