Hannity: John Kerry a 'Dumbass,' 'Dope,' 'Idiot'

Hannity: John Kerry a 'Dumbass,' 'Dope,' 'Idiot'

On his Tuesday radio show, Sean Hannity went off on a rant against Secretary of State John Kerry, whose settlement offer was unanimously rejected by the Israeli, which was an unprecedented show of disapproval by that cabinet.

Hannity accused the Obama administration’s head diplomat of lacking the moral clarity to understand the gravity of the threat Hamas has posed to Israel’s security.

“It’s so bad, the Israeli cabinet, legendary by the way for its inability to agree on anything, actually rejected Kerry’s proposal 19-0,” Hannity said. “All across Israel, today, there’s nothing but universal condemnation for John Kerry because he’s a dumbass. How else can I say this? He doesn’t have any moral clarity.”

“What part of ‘destroying Israel’ doesn’t John Kerry, that dope, understand?” he added. “What part of kidnapping three Israeli students doesn’t he understand? What part of 3,000 rockets fired into Israel doesn’t this idiot understand?”

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