Tapper: 'This Is a Wave'

Tapper: 'This Is a Wave'

Following early election results Tuesday night on CNN, Anderson Cooper asked “The Lead” anchor Jake Tapper whether he thought Republican success represented a GOP “wave.”

“Is this a wave?” Cooper asked Tapper.

“I think it’s hard to escape any other conclusion that this is a wave,” Tapper answered. “With the Scott Walker victory, and Democrats barely holding onto a Virginia Senate seat, this really does seem like a wave.”

“It’s not as much of a wave as perhaps 2010 felt,” Tapper continued. “Because there were so many House members that fell and so many others that fell, but this is an incredibly strong night.”

“One other thing I want to say is, we’re not really doing House races this evening, but it does look like for the first time in history, a hundred women are now in the House of Representatives, which is a milestone that I think is bipartisan in nature that we can all applaud.”

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