Ralph Peters on US Effort Against ISIS: Obama a 'Strategic Flirt,' 'In Shambles'

Ralph Peters on US Effort Against ISIS: Obama a 'Strategic Flirt,' 'In Shambles'

On Thursday’s “America’s Newsroom,” Ret. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, a Fox News contributor, criticized President Barack Obama for his strategy in taking on ISIS in the Middle East.

According to Peters, Obama’s lack of commitment has put the United States at a strategic disadvantage in the region and that is allowing ISIS to continue its advance.

“Well, we have somewhat slowed the advance of the Islamic State militants in certain areas, but they’re still winning,” Peters said. “It was painful to listen to the president yesterday. He just had trouble to get the word ‘winning” out. A problem we have is our president, Martha, is a strategic flirt. He fears commitment. He will talk a good dating game, but there’s no consummation. He will just not follow through. In a statement also in response to Ed Henry, going back for new authorization, AUMF, to use military force in Congress. What he is doing with that is laying as much on Congress as he can for anything against Islamic state in case it all goes wrong. It is hard to see him following through on any issues. And, meanwhile not just Islamic State, ISIS if you will, but the caliphate — all these other movements, al Qaeda — they are all growing too because we have not hit decisively. The assumption of jihadis is America tried and they can’t stop us. So we’re really in shambles on this one.”

Peters completely dismissed the notion the United States could train forces in the area, including the Free Syrian Army, to stand up and take on the fight to stop ISIS.

“They have lost faith in us and essentially lost the war,” he said. “The Free Syrian Army is not going to win in Syria. We could have helped them early on, it would have made a huge difference but at this point we have to face it, the choices at present are between the hideous Assad regime backed by Hamas and Hezbollah and now this web of horrific Sunni extremists to Islamic state. The idea where suddenly going to get 5,000 volunteers to do our bidding, have them defeat what are now probably over 100,000 jihadis active in Syria, it just doesn’t make any sense.”

“What you do is stop talking about rebuilding Iraq,” he continued. “Stop talking but establishing the Iraqi-Syria borders as the president did. Focus on killing America’s enemies. Don’t help Iran out by backing Baghdad. Kill America’s enemies — that is the only business working. This president wants to get somebody else to do our dirty work for us in that region, in the Middle East it is not going to happen. We have to do the tough stuff our self-ordained going to get done.”

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