CA St Sen: Economic Issues Key to GOP Wins in CA

CA St Sen: Economic Issues Key to GOP Wins in CA

California State Senator and Congressman-elect Steve Knight (R) argued that economic issues are the key issues that can help Republicans win in California on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

“The advice I give to all Republicans is, number 1, be good with the checkbook. That means you’ve got to have a good, balanced agenda on how this country can move forward economically, and I say that in California too.  If we are good with the checkbook and we can create opportunities here where people can get jobs or get better jobs, then a lot of things get better…that’s the first thing the Republican Party’s got to stand on.  We’re the fiscal conservatives…that’s got to be the first thing we do” he stated. 

When the discussion pivoted to immigration, Knight “I don’t think we should [bring in more guest workers], I talk to companies like major high tech companies and I said ‘Look, that’s not the answer, the answer is to build a better pipeline right here,’” and discussed California’s programs to expand STEM education for American students.

Knight also talked about his opposition to a bilingual education bill in the state, arguing “we’re struggling with our schools….and all of these things will take money away.  So, I don’t think that we totally abandon everything. But, we’ve got to get back to the basics.  People are coming over from other countries and they’re taking American jobs…in California the biggest problem is when we change the curriculum, we normally change it on a cultural issue, and we don’t change it on specifics of the subject matter and that always hurts us.”

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