Limbaugh: Obama 'Sociopathic,' Guilty of 'Blatant Lying'

Limbaugh: Obama 'Sociopathic,' Guilty of 'Blatant Lying'

On his Monday broadcast, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh excoriated President Barack Obama for his response to the controversy surrounding ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber’s remarks regarding voters and their lack of knowledge pertaining to the ObamaCare legislation, which he argued helped its passage into law.

Limbaugh keyed in on Obama’s claim he had no knowledge of Gruber’s remarks and downplayed his role in the crafting of the legislation when asked over the weekend.

Partial transcript as follows:

LIMBAUGH: This is unbelievable.  This little sound bite of 23 seconds may be more jam-packed with lies than any 23-second presidential sound bite I’ve ever played for you.  “I did not.  I just heard about this just now. I get well briefed. I just heard about this.  The fact that some advisor who never worked on our staff…”  He was in meetings with Obama! Gruber has been bragging about them!

Obama has talked about Gruber being in meetings.  Someone who “never worked on our staff, expressed an opinion I completely disagree with.”  He was not just a member of the staff, he was paid 400 grand alone just for this!  We have done the numbers, by the way.  Gruber has made almost $6 million in government contracts advising them on various things.  Gruber even has his hands in…

What is the other thing he has his hands in?  Climate change?  No, not climate change. He’s got his hands on something like that.  He’s got his hands on Obamacare, and he’s got his hands in advising them on — oh, amnesty!  Gruber has his hands in advising the Regime on amnesty — when to do it, how to do it, and all that.  The guy’s deep.  He’s a rock star with these people.

But there’s no difference. Gruber and Obama are the same person, the same guy, the same outlook.  That’s why Gruber is hired. That’s why Gruber is there. And this is the Limbaugh Theorem, folks! This is it right front and center. Obama gets confronted with it and says, “No, I didn’t know about this. I’m as mad as you are! I’m livid about this. I’m gonna get to the bottom of this, some advisor running at the mouth.”

It just confirms how stupid he thinks you are.  That sound bite is an exclamation point to how stupid and gullible Obama believes you to be.  He then talks about how the bill was debated and debated and everybody knew what was in it.  He continued. After saying he only he read about this recently and he’s mad about it — it’s some advisor who never worked on the bill, what have you, blah, blah, blah — he then added this.

OBAMA:  We had a yearlong debate, Ed.  I mean, go back and look at your stories. (nervous chuckle) The one thing we can’t say is that we did not have a lengthy debate about health care in the United States of America or that it was not adequately covered.  I mean, I would just advise all of… (stammers) every press outlet here, go back and pull up every clip, every story, and I think it’ll — it’s fair to say that there was not a — a provision in the health care law that was not extensively debated, uhhh, and was fully transparent.

LIMBAUGH:  Now, seriously, what are we to do about this?  This is sociopathic. There is something terribly wrong here.  I mean, this is blatant lying.  There’s no transparency. He lied 31 times, I think.  (interruption)  Yeah, at least 23 and maybe 31 times he said, “You keep your doctor if you like your doctor. You keep your plan if you like it.” At least 23 times he told that lie.

Pelosi’s out there saying, “No, nobody knows what’s in this bill. You’ve got pass the bill to find out what’s in it.”  Nothing about this bill was transparent. Everything about the bill was hidden. The people that wrote the bill didn’t know what it said. It was 2,000 or 2,200 pages. People like me and others in the New Media were trying to sound the clarion call to people all over the country.

“What’s in this bill is horrible. It’s rotten. It’s gonna upset everything. It’s not good. You’re gonna lose health care coverage. It’s gonna get more expensive.” We warned everybody about it, and he says this? This is just… I don’t know what you do with this.  There’s over 22,000 pages of regulations after the bill was passed that have never been debated.  The bill itself was never debated!  There were never hearings with experts, people called up.

When you have a piece of legislation like this, normally what happens is there are committees in the Senate and the House that debate with experts on the various proposals so that members of Congress can so-called inform themselves before the vote.  There was none of that.  This thing was ramrodded through.  There was no transparency whatsoever.  This is (once again) a blatant, in-our-face lie that is again indicative of how stupid he believes everybody is.

And let me tell you: There’s a lesson here.

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