Steve King: Don’t Take Anything Off the Table on Stopping Exec Amnesty

Steve King: Don’t Take Anything Off the Table on Stopping Exec Amnesty
Representative Steve King (R-IA) said that no options will be taken off the table in the GOP’s effort to block an executive order on immigration by President Obama on Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead.”

“The first thing we need to do is review the documents that identify this policy that’s going to unfold tomorrow night, and I’m confident that it’s going to be unconstitutional. And the reason I say that is because the president would have acted by now if he’d had executive way to do what he wants to do. And so, if we first stipulate that it will be unconstitutional, then I think, the House can do first this, a resolution of disapproval that would stipulate the Constitutional violations and the limitations on the powers of the president. We can announce that we’re prepared to cut off any funding that would implement or enforce his unconstitutional act, presuming that stipulation that it is unconstitutional. That would be the first thing we could do, a resolution of disapproval, and I would start with that. I want to do the minimum to put the president back into the, inside those Constitutional guardrails. The second thing might be a more serious and severe act, which could be, potentially an act of a censure of the president, that hasn’t happened in a long time, but this may warrant it. The third thing would be to shut off the funding…it would be the president that potentially would shut the government down and saying to America, ‘I insist on my right to violate the Constitution and to take Article I authority away from the United States Congress.’ I don’t think that stands, Jake” he stated.

With regards to impeachment he said that no one wants to pursue impeachment, but “if that should happen, and here’s what i won’t do, I won’t make a ‘there will be no boots on the ground’ statement. We have Constitutional authority to do a string of things. That would be the very last option, but I would not rule it out, Jake.”

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