Brown Family Attorney: Grand Jury Process Was ‘Completely Unfair’

Brown Family Attorney: Grand Jury Process Was ‘Completely Unfair’

Benjamin Crump, an attorney representing the family of Michael Brown, said at a press conference in St. Louis Tuesday morning that the grand jury process was “completely unfair.”

“We objected, back in August, to this prosecutor,” Crump began. “We even wrote a letter to Governor Jay Nixon requesting a special prosecutor to be appointed. We objected when he informed us the process that he was going to use, that was different than any normal grand jury that you would have presented.”

“And now, after we watched him last night, and his comments, we strenuously objected to this prosecutor and this process. But this morning, after we, like all of you, went through as much of the information as we could, and saw how completely unfair this process was, we object publicly and loudly as we can, on behalf of Michael Brown Jr.’s family, that this process is broken. The process should be indicted. It should be indicted because of the continuous, systematic results that is yielded by this process.”

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