Watch: ‘Colbert Report’ Finale Send-Off Sing-A-Long

On Thursday, Comedy Central aired the final episode of “The Colbert Report,” the 30-minute follow-up program to the network’s signature “The Daily Show” that had aired going back nine years. As part of the finale, a number of celebrities sent sang “We’ll Meet Again” as the send-off for host Stephen Colbert, who is set to take the helm of CBS’s “Late Show” in 2015.

Among the celebrities participating:

Jon Stewart

Alan Alda

Willie Nelson

Bryan Cranston

Tom Brokaw

Mandy Patinkin

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Big Bird

Cookie Monster

Michael Stipe

Cindi Lauper

Katie Couric

James Franco

Charlie Rose

Barry Manilow

Jeff Daniels

Patrick Stewart

Andy Cohen

Doris Kearns Goodwin

Ken Burns

Cyndi Lauper

Keith Olbermann

Ariana Huffington

Sam Waterson

Paul Krugman

Grover Norquist

Mark Cuban

Mike Huckabee

Henry Kissinger

Andrew Sullivan

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Christian Amanpour

George Lucas

J.J. Abrams

Bill Clinton

Jeff Tweedy

Tim Meadows

Bob Costas

Thomas Friedman

Claire McKaskill

David Gregory

Eliot Spitzer

John Ratzenberger

Toby Keith

Gloria Steinem

Barry Manilow

…and others

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