Frum: Fears of Anti-Muslim Backlash ‘Misses What Is Front of Our Eyes’

Senior Editor of the Atlantic, David Frum argued that concern over Islamophobia and anti-Muslim backlash “misses what is in front of our eyes” by ignoring the hate crimes perpetrated by European Muslims on Thursday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

Frum said that “the incidents of actual, physical harm [against Muslims] are so vanisingly rare.” He continued, “in Europe, hate crime is something done by Muslims, principally to Jews, but not exclusively to Jews, sometimes to gays, and occasionally to Christians. They are not the victims, they’re the perpetrators. And this effort to look for the backlash misses what is in front of our eyes as an enormous social problem.”

He also argued “you have that kind of mass migration in a time of mass unemployment, and, yeah, there’s going to be tension. And these societies because they’re failing to provide jobs, they’re also failing to provide jobs for the new migrants…the second generation [of migrants] grows up alienated, and often angry, and they are the people who turn to these extremist ideas.”

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