*Language Warning* Maher: NYPD ‘Volunteered For It,’ Acts Like It Has PMS

HBO’s Bill Maher said that “someone needs to explain to me when did the NYPD start suffering from PMS” and told “New York’s whiniest” they “volunteered for it” on Friday.

“Someone needs to explain to me when did the NYPD start suffering from PMS…yes, you have a tough, dirty job, but you volunteered for it. It’s like a proctologist coming home every night and saying ‘I can’t believe I have to look at a**holes all day.’ Now, let me be clear, I do support the police, and I understand that their job is looking at a**holes all day. But something outrageous has been going on in the Big Apple the last couple of weeks as New York’s whiniest have been staging a virtual work stoppage to Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) a lesson for not saying he loves them enough” he stated.

Maher continued “of course, the cops were already furious with the mayor for not endorsing their novel crime prevention tactic of choking random citizens to death, but purposefully not doing your job, turning their back on him at funerals? I mean, what did de Blasio do, get caught in a video with Ice Cube singing ‘F*ck the Police’? No, no, as the father of a black son he just said a very true thing, he said there are many families in this city who ask every night ‘is my child safe, and not just from crime and violence but from the very people they want to have faith in as their protectors.’ I know, I know, how dare he spread a myth that is only corroborated by every single black person ever.” And that cops couldn’t just stop doing their jobs because their feelings were hurt.

He concluded “there is a problem which is when did the police become infallible? No matter what they do, they always say it was by the book. Put six slugs into an unarmed man from the seat of your car? By the book. Strangle a handcuffed guy to death? By the book. Kill a 12-year-old who had a toy gun? By the book. Maybe they need to get a new book, who wrote this book anyway, George Zimmerman? I mean, when was the last time you heard a cop say, ‘yeah, we got that one wrong, sorry.’ It never happens. It could be a baby holding a rattle, and they’d be like ‘well, the baby did point the rattle at the officer and crawled toward him in a menacing way.'” And that the actions of police unions were “why Americans hate unions now,” which he concluded was bad because unions were needed now given massive levels of income inequality. Although, he did make fun of teacher’s unions as well.

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