Charles Sennott: Muslims Should Be Treated Like Gun Owners

GlobalPost co-founder Charles Sennott argued that Islam should not be blamed for the terrorist attacks in France in the same way that “gun culture”was not blamed for Timothy McVeigh and Christianity is not blamed for anti-abortion violence on Saturday’s “Melissa Harris-Perry” on MSNBC.

“These guys [the terrorists] are of criminal mind and certainly would have to be mentally ill to do what they did. I think you’d have to kind of accept that on face value. But you’d have to say if we in America could ever get to the point where we understand the murderous act that happened in a newsroom and put it in the context the way we did when Tim McVeigh went to Oklahoma City and did what he did and we viewed it as the Patriot Movement and he was a 2nd Amendment fundamentalist for guns, or we looked at it the way we did John Salvi, who went in and shot up the abortion clinics in Boston and came out a Catholic tradition of anti-abortion. But yet, we don’t condemn in America the same way, with [the] sweeping indictments of gun culture or hunting, or the Catholic Church, because we look at them as people who are crazy and who have done an expression of violence. If we got a little bit more sophistication that way, we’d solve this crime better” he stated.

(h/t The Right Scoop)

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