Hewitt: ‘Romney May not Be the Nominee but He’ll Pick the Nominee’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt said if former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) runs for president in 2016, “he may not be the nominee but he’ll pick the nominee.”

Hewitt was describing a meeting with Romney and supporters when he explained, “Eighteen to 20 people in person and on phone, for up to six hours. One described it as 80 percent certain Gov. Romney is running. Here’s the thing thing about Romney, in 2008 after John McCain lost, no one urged him to come back in 2012. If you go back and you look at people with the exception of Al Gore, as you pointed out to me, no one asks a defeated nominee to come back. Gov. Romney has people out there clamoring for him to come back. Now Mike Huckabee won 40,00 votes in Iowa in 2008. Rick Santorum and Romney won 30,000 votes in Iowa in 2012. Those don’t matter, the rules are different. What matters now is a period of time when early voting willing happen in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and on Super Tuesday and Romney has 30 percent to 40 percent of that vote locked up. Even if you go to the convention, he may not be the nominee but he’ll pick the nominee.”

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