Lynch Backs Obama’s Amnesty Under Prosecutorial Discretion

Wednesday, President Barack Obama’s nominee for attorney general, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York Loretta Lynch, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that she has reviewed and agrees with the legal assertions put forward in the president’s executive action on immigration, which effectively grants amnesty for upward of 5 million illegal immigrants currently living in the Untied States.

Lynch leaned on the doctrine of prosecutorial discretion as the foundation of the president’s legal authority to defer action on the removal of illegal immigrants.

Lynch said, “The Department of Homeland Security to request and suggest that they in fact prioritize the removal of the most dangerous of the undocumented immigrants among us, those who have criminal records,  those who were involved in national security and terrorism, those involved in gang activity and violent crime, along with I believe, those who have most recently entered, seems to be a reasonable way to martial limited resources to deal with a problem.”

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