Chris Matthews on ISIS: I Don’t Know How Long We Can Take This

MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews declared “I just don’t know how long we can take this as human beings” in response to the death of Kayla Mueller on Tuesday.

While Matthews said he agreed that ISIS couldn’t be destroyed by the US military, and agreed that toppling Assad’s government in Syria would strengthen ISIS he wondered, “are we going to let them continue?…are we going to let them keep executing people, pouring gasoline, what if they get somebody, a nun over and there and start pouring gasoline on her? At one point are we going to say ‘we’re going to blow that place up with anything we’ve got even if we don’t win?’ When do you just explode as a country and say we’re not going to take that anymore? When’s that going to happen?”

“I just don’t know how long we can take this as human beings. I just think it’s a real problem. And I’m thinking of Rambo kind of stuff, because at some point you have got to go in there with what you’ve got and do the best you can, and you’re not going to be very proud of yourselves” he stated.

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