Livestream: Young America’s Foundations Great Beginnings: A Seminar for Emerging Leaders

Beginning on Friday, college students from across the country will travel to Young America’s Foundation’s national headquarters in Reston, VA to for a two-day crash course on conservatism and activism from the Conservative Movement’s leading experts and tacticians.

Students will hear from Breitbart Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, Breitbart contributor Sonnie Johnson, New York Times Best-selling authors Jonah Goldberg, and Larry Schweikart, commentator and speechwriter Marc Thiessen, and Young America’s Foundation’s president, Ron Robinson.

The seminar begins at 2:30 EST on February 20.  The following sessions will be streamed live:

Friday February 20

2:30—3:30 PM – Ron Robinson – What is Conservatism?

3:30—4:30 PM – Sonnie Johnson – Changing the Narrative: Modern urban culture grew out of a rejection of progressive policies using free-market principles, and how to spread that message.

Saturday February 21

9:00—10:00 AM – Larry Schweikart – Liberal Lies About American History

10:00—11:00 AM – Stephen K. Bannon – Communicating Conservatism

11:00 AM—12:00 PM – Marc Thiessen  – America’s Response To ISIS

7:00 PM – Jonah Goldberg – The Tyranny of Clichés

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