Watch: ‘The Five’ Blasts ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ Clintons

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” while discussing  recent reports that Bill and Hillary’s Clinton Foundation accepted donations from overseas governments and large corporations during her tenure as secretary of state, co-hosts  Kimberly Guilfoyle, Greg Gutfeld, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters and Stacey Dash all tore to the pairs  fundraising practices.

Juan Williams started it off saying, “Some people might say ethically dubious. I tell you, this is ethically wrong. This is not good. This is insider access to American politicians. And they know it’s wrong, because remember when she was secretary of state, the foundation stopped taking money from folks. Well she says she is not officially a candidate. What are we, a bunch of fools? Of course she is going to be the candidate. So people are going to pay so they can say we gave money and get access. You can see this with American companies and also with foreign countries who are not supposed to make contributions to our politicians. They can do it through this back door. I think this is influence peddling. You talk about Republicans are going to attack her, I think Democrats will because it is just wrong. You can’t do that.

Jesse Watters continued,  “This is what the Clintons have been doing for years. We had the Whitewater, we had secretive Chinese money pouring in 96, we have had a lot of money secrets, they were basically running out of the White House with silverware and furniture. What is it with the Clintons with this money grubbing and these ethical boundary violations?”

Stacey Dash said, ‘They are like bank robbers they get away with it.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle added, “Bonnie and Clyde.”

Dash agreed repeating, “Bonnie and Clyde.”

Greg Gutfeld ended the segment saying, “I’m not certain that Hillary made billions, but all of her pant suits are 100% spotted oil. Now when she throws a lamp at Bill, it’s Tiffany, so that’s good. Who knew she was such a fan of capitalism. My beef is that I’m totally okay with whatever you do. I’m okay with you getting rich. Don’t condemn the rest of us for doing the same damn thing or trying to do the same damn thing. The progressive left, they love the rich, as long as those who are rich prevent others from doing the same thing. That is why you have so many left wing billionaires clamping down at everybody else. It is a hypocrisy of it all. It makes me sick to my stomach.”

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