Levin: Gov’t Who Can’t Handle Obamacare Will Vet Syrian Refugees

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments,” Mark Levin declared that a government who has mishandled Obamacare shouldn’t be trusted with vetting Syrian refugees coming to the US on Friday.

“Don’t worry, when it [the government] brings in these refugees from Syria, right in the heart of the Islamonazi battle, everything’s going to be vetted very, very well…because lookee here ‘Feds sent incorrect tax information to 800,000 people on ObamaCare.’ These clowns can’t even run a website, but don’t worry, we’re gonna know if people [who] come into this country mean us harm” he stated.

Levin continued, “and don’t worry, should Jeb Bush become president, we’ll change the rules.  Rather than assume that people coming here are going to violate our laws, which is our current assumption under the immigration laws, we’ll assume that they’re here to love us.”

He concluded, by pointing out that people, such as the 9/11 hijackers have come into the US to do harm to the nation, and saying “when they talk, in our government, the president and the others, they talk like they actually have a handle on these things. They talk like they actually are competent, and they’re not.”

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