Coulter: GOP Should Say ‘Screw You’ on Many Media Questions

Conservative columnist and author of “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3-Especially a Republican” Ann Coulter declared Republicans should politely say “screw you, I’m not answering the question” to the media on some occasions on Monday’s “CNN Tonight”

Coulter re-iterated her previous argument that the same Democrats attacking former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for questioning President Obama’s patriotism have no problem with questioning the motives of conservatives by calling them racists. She also criticized the left’s “red-faced denials, ‘no, we love our country, we just look like people who don’t, we’re just naive and inept.’  Well, OK, maybe you can start a group of Democrats who are aren’t naive and inept. I mean, Obama — how else do you explain — he threw away our victory in Iraq, for no reason whatsoever, he sends more troops to Afghanistan. I suppose you could just criticize his policy, but if liberals are going to go around constantly questioning conservative motives on other issues, why shouldn’t we question their motives on patriotism?” And wondered “why isn’t that the exact parallel?”

She also said that she thought Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s (R) criticism of the media for asking him about President Obama’s faith, was “a great answer and I wish every elected Republican would adopt that because he is absolutely right. It drives me crazy during these — for example, all these presidential debates, instead of talking about energy policy or foreign policy, Republicans are always going to get the gay marriage question, the global warming question, endless questions on global warming, and abortion, and school prayer, and the death penalty…or the birther questions. Oh, my gosh. I think Republicans should just give that answer, it’s a perfectly genteel way of saying, ‘screw you, I’m not answering the question.'”

Coulter concluded by talking about the Oscars, where she declared that in order for American Sniper to win Best Picture “Chris Kyle would have to be married — he’d have kiss a guy, be a Palestinian sniper, or be a prostitute to win. It had to be Birdman, which is both boring and pretentious, from what I’ve heard, so that is perfect.”

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