Lawrence O’Donnell: Hillary Doesn’t Get to Choose ‘Convenience’

MSNBC’s “The Last Word” host Lawrence O’Donnell argued that Hillary Clinton doesn’t get to choose “convenience,” she has to follow the rules on Tuesday’s “Now with Alex Wagner.”

“Convenience is not a choice you have in government. She had a regulation, a 2009 regulation, that applied only to her, meaning it applied to her for the first time. This was not a regulation Jeb Bush lived under, because he wasn’t Secretary of State. It was not a regulation that Colin Powell lived under, that regulation said that her e-mail must be preserved in the state department recordkeeping system and it wasn’t. And so, there’s a moment in there where she says everything ‘I did was according to the law and the regulations.’ It was not in compliance with that regulation” he stated.

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