Gowdy: State Dept Did Not Honestly Cooperate with Benghazi Committee

Thursday on Newsmax TV’s “America’s Forum,” while discussing his committee’s attempts to work with the State Department to get Hillary Clinton’s documents, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) said, “To me, truthfulness and honesty is a subset of cooperation. It doesn’t help me at all for you to sit down with me for an hour and never once tell me she didn’t have a state.gov email. You may consider that cooperative because you sat for me for an hour, but you didn’t help me one iota.”

“The bottom line is, they never once told us she only used a personal email account, and they only told us the Friday before the New York Times broke the story they didn’t have her records, that she had them.”

He added, “And so they never once told us — ‘Hey look, we don’t really have her emails; we are going to have to get them back from her.'”

Detailing the timeline, Gowdy explained, “We got a production of documents from the State Department in August 2014, and we noticed in that production there were, I want to say, eight emails and they all had a private account and obviously we took note of that, but lots of people use both their work account and their private account, so we made note of it and we were interested in it. But we were mainly interested in the rest of the documents. So we spent September and October and November talking to the State Department, not just about her documents, but a whole litany, access to witnesses, there are lots of issues in Benghazi. And so they never once told us—hey look, we don’t really have her emails; we are going to have to get them back from her. And what we learned, they sent a letter to her and the other secretaries of state in October and there was a production made to the State Department. So fast forward to February, and oh by the way in December we wrote her personal attorney, David Kendall, and said look can you help us with this private email address, and he referred us to the State Department, so we are thinking the whole time the State Department has all these emails, we just have to hurry them up. They gave us another production in February that was about 800 pages, but 300 emails, all of them were personal accounts, no official account. It was when the New York Times broke their story, is the first time I learned the only reason we are getting a personal account is because that’s all she has, and oh by the way, she kept her records when she left the State Department. That was never was shared with us by the State Department, despite multiple opportunities to do so.”

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