Dem Rep Gabbard: Obama ISIS Strategy Is Failing

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Iraq war veteran Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) said President Barack Obama is continuing the failed policy of propping up the heavily Iranian influenced Shia-led government in Iraq that caused ISIS, which is Sunni, to grow.

“When we looked at the continuation of the failed Bush policy, now in this administration, of propping up this Shia led government in Baghdad that is heavily influenced by Iran, this is what caused essentially for ISIS to grow,” Gabbard said. “You have to look at the core set of problems here, that the Shia militia being there, continuing to oppress and persecute the Sunnis, what is causing ISIS to grow in strength. That’s a fact. We look what is happening in Tikrit, we look what we expect in Mosul, to my knowledge. I’ve asked questions of military leaders here and members of the administration. There is no clear plan in place for Sunni people to take charge of these Sunni dominated parts of Iraq, which is the only thing that would prevent ISIS from coming back in, even if there is a military victory.”

She concluded, “Without a winning strategy, whether this president or the next president, we’re not getting to the heart of the problem here.”

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