Dem Rep: Iran Already Renouncing Deal, Won’t Publicly Agree to 4 Pages

Friday on MSNBC’s “The Rundown with José Díaz-Balart,” Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) argued since the Iranians are already  “backing away from” the four pages put out yesterday by the White House, believing they would agree to a complex final deal with thousands of page in June would be difficult.

Sherman said, “The key thing from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey is that they’re not saying that this will inspire them to develop their own nuclear program. One of the main benefits we want from this deal is to avoid the nuclear proliferation race in the Middle East that would start if people thought Iran was just on the precipice of developing a nuclear weapon.”

He continued, “What concerns me most about the four-page document that the White House released is that the Iranians have not agreed to it in public. If they can’t go to their people and say we agree to these four pages, it is going to be very hard for them to go to their people in June and say we agree to the thousand page document that’s going to be necessary to really effectuate this agreement.”

“If Obama says they’ve agreed to it but they won’t acknowledge that, then they’re backing away from it, renouncing it,” he continued. “At least they’re not embracing it in public. If they can’t go to the Revolutionary Guard and say these four pages, we have agreed to, then how are they going to be able to go to the same generals in June and say here are the thousand pages. In fact, Zarif who negotiated this agreement is already saying president’s fact sheet is not accurate, and what’s missing from the four pages is an Iranian signature, or at least a statement by Iran that these are the points they agreed to.”

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