McCain: ‘Immoral’ to Make Iran Nuke Deal without Freeing Marine

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “On the Record With Greta Van Susteren,” Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said it was our “obligation” to demand the release of a Marine and other American citizens held in Iran before any final nuclear agreement is reached, but this is only one of many examples of our current “immoral foreign policy.”

Van Susteren asked, “Our Marine who is sitting in their prison in Iran, what do we do about that? And, of course, we have a Christian pastor and we have a journalist and others. I want to focus on the Marine.”

McCain answered, “We should we be demanding his and others’ release. This is just an example of the arrogance, frankly, of the Iranians and what they are able to get away with. Isn’t it our obligation to bring this marine and other American citizens home before we enter into an agreement? We probably won’t obviously. Look, we are in disarray  throughout the world. Lessons are being taken from our involvement. Leading from behind doesn’t work and latest two examples of ‘success’, Somalia and Yemen are authentication of a really immoral foreign policy, much less a failed one”

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