Coulter: Rand Is Exposing Feminist ‘Double Standard’

Columnist and author of “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3-Especially a Republican,” Ann Coulter argued that the controversy over Rand Paul’s testy interviews with two female anchors exposes the “double standard” of feminists on Thursday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“It does expose liberals and especially feminists for this, I think, very annoying double standard of, you know, ‘we’re rough, we’re tough, we can do the same things men can do, but oh, I’m a delicate flower, please don’t talk to me that way,’ which is fine and it’s good, which is why I say I actually like how actually the Paul family is kind of cranky with the media…but they shouldn’t run for president” Coulter said.

Earlier, she argued that while she likes it when people attack the media, that job should be left up to people who aren’t running for president.

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