McCain: Kerry ‘Delusional,’ ‘Insane’ For Obama to Compare Iran to US

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) argued that John Kerry is “delusional” about the Iran framework and “the Ayatollah is probably right” regarding the lifting of sanctions on Thursday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

McCain said, “it’s probably in black and white that the Ayatollah is probably right. John Kerry is delusional. And he came back, and in my view, I think you’re going to find out that they had never agreed to the things that John Kerry claimed that they had. So in a way, I can’t blame the Ayatollah, because I don’t think they ever agreed to it, and I think John Kerry tried to come back and sell a bill of goods, hoping maybe that the Iranians wouldn’t say much about it. But look, it’s delusional, and the worst thing about it, as we have talked before, Hugh, is that they believe that with this deal, somehow there’s going to be a new alignment in the whole Middle East, and we’re going to be partners with the Iranians” in reaction to claims by Iran’s leaders that the sanctions on the country will be lifted on day one and that the US wouldn’t be allowed to visit Iran’s military centers.

Later, McCain stated that “only an insane person would compare the United States of America with a country that is governed by the ayatollahs who regularly hang people who, oh, well, a terrorist nation” in response to President Obama declaring that Iran is “complicated” just like the US is.

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