David Brooks: Hillary Doesn’t Have Much ‘Imagination’

New York Times columnist David Brooks said Hillary Clinton is short on “imagination” on Friday’s “PBS NewsHour.”

“If you were the candidate, you would rather have no opposition, but I do think it makes you a better candidate. We’ve covered these campaigns. The candidates get so much better over time when they’re forced to debate. And she’ll [Hillary] — I actually think there’s a chance that somebody could emerge. I don’t know who that will be, and maybe it’s too late, but I just think there’s a market there. Just one final word. There are two things that I think any candidate has to show. One is imagination, something new. And I don’t think she’s — she’s shown many great virtues as a candidate — or as a public figure. Imagination, not always so much” he stated.

Brooks added, “second, how’s she going to get anything passed? How — and this is true for Republicans and Democrats. Do you have an agenda that can get 61 votes in this United States Senate? That’s important, because we’ve had no legislation for five years. That’s just incumbent on every candidate to have an explanation for that.”

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