Matalin on Hillary: ‘I Pray That She’s the Nominee,’ ‘More Than Easy to Beat’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “With All Due Respect” on Bloomberg Television, GOP strategist Mary Matalin explained why former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be the preferred opponent for Republicans come Election Day 2016 in the contest for the White House.

Partial transcript as follows:

MARK HALPERIN, co-host “With All Due Respect”: If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, will she be easy to beat or hard to beat in the general election and why?

MATALIN: I’m not saying this as a partisan, I’m saying it as a citizen, as a mother, having some age on me … She is last year’s calendar. The only way you can win a third term, either party for a third term of Obama is to separate herself or to say something different, be or offer the same thing in a better way —

HALPERIN: You’re saying that she will be easy to beat?

MATALIN: I pray that she is the nominee, and if she is that will mean she had a very weak primary field.

HALPERIN: Mary. Say the words: “Hillary Clinton will be easy to beat.”

MATALIN: Hillary Clinton will be more than easy to beat. It will release us from our pitiful strategy of the last couple cycles or running against something and be able to run on something we have plenty of — principles and policies.

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