Kurtz: Hillary ‘Humiliating’ Press With ‘Giant Dis’

Fox News Media Analyst Howard Kurtz said that Hillary Clinton was putting the press in a “humiliating” position and criticized the negative, neutral, and positive “hyperventilation over every Hillary hiccup” on Wednesday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“I am so grateful I didn’t have to chase the Scooby Doo van, and look, the hyperventilation over every Hillary hiccup is just cringe-worthy. And you see these sophisticated journalists, these experienced correspondents and analysts saying, ‘well, she ordered the chicken burrito, was this a play for the Latino vote? Why didn’t she shake every hand in the restaurant?’ And now there’s a new scandal emerging on Twitter, she didn’t leave a tip at a fast food joint, that calls for a special prosecutor. It’s humiliating to be put in this position of having to chase after these mere scraps that Hillary is handing out to the press corps” he stated.

Kurtz added, “I’ve been on lots of campaign trails with Republican and Democratic presidential candidates who went days and days without holding a news conference, and the press was kept at arm’s length, Hillary didn’t invent that, but she just had her role out. She didn’t give a speech, as you know, she did the video, and I think it’s a giant dis to the press. We all know she has little love for the press corps, and it is of course a way, while she tries to project this everyday American image and sits down with 5 or 6 or 7 Iowans, of insulating herself from any difficult questions that would upset the script.”

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