MMFA’s Brock: Right Trying To Turn Hillary’s ‘Good Works’ ‘Into A Liability’

Media Matters Founder David Brock argued that Peter Schweizer’s upcoming book “Clinton Cash” is the right trying to turn “the good works of the Clinton Foundation,” “into a liability” on Monday’s “Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC.

“It’s disappointing that the New York Times is chasing the same story as Fox News. I think what we have here, that might be unique is a convergence of millions of dollars being spent by Republicans on opposition research, and a press corps that’s so competitive on the Clinton beat that they’re looking for any anti-Clinton crumb, and what happens in the situation, which may be happening here, is that that, I have no problem with the Times vetting books. I’ve written books. That’s not really unusual, but I think they didn’t set the bar particularly high here, because this author has a rap sheet, as you have already set up, as long as my arm. And we did — a 7,000-word report for Media Matters today, we found ten instances of really seriously botched journalism, and retractions, corrections, media getting burned by picking up this material, and these weren’t our words, but people saying sources that don’t exist and facts that don’t check out, and not meeting the standards of Journalism 101. And I think you have the journalistic story, and then you have the political story that you’ve covered, which is to say this is much more of a coordinated political attack than a typical book tour” he stated.

Brock continued, alleging the “right-wing conglomerate [which is the updated term for the right-wing conspiracy, according to Brock]. And I think that’s what we have now. Now, the Republican strategy here is very clear to me, which is — they do this all the time. They take the good works of someone, and in this case, it’s the good works of the Clinton Foundation, and they try to turn it into a liability. So, what we’re seeing here is swiftboats docking early. This is a political campaign, it’s very sophisticated. They’ve briefed Marco Rubio, they’ve briefed Rand Paul. But I would say, if those folks think that a winning political strategy is attacking a foundation that’s done things like — so much to stop the AIDS epidemic in Africa, let’s have at it.”

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