Krauthammer: Jeb ‘Is Lagging,’ ‘Should Not Be In Single Digits’

Columnist Charles Krauthammer said that Jeb Bush “is lagging” and “should not be in single digits” on Friday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

During the show’s Friday candidate casino segment where the panelists bet $100 of fictional money on presidential candidates, Krauthammer put $40 on Marco Rubio to win the GOP nomination, $25 on Bush, $20 on Scott Walker, $5 on Ted Cruz and the remaining $10 on wine, women, and song. He explained, “I’m increasing my investment in Rubio. I’m feeling vindicated and somewhat cocky, having been in on the deal very early when he was at 3%, and now he has shot to 13%. Now, of course, it’s still rather low, he’s only ahead by 1 point, it’s within the margin of error, and it’s only April, but who’s counting? Bush is lagging. He should not be in single digits, he is. And Walker, the other one in the top tier is hanging in there, he’s everybody’s second choice. My long shot is Ted Cruz.”

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