Schweizer: ‘Clinton Cash’ Findings Warrant Criminal Investigation

In an appearance on NBC’s “Today” on Monday, Peter Schweizer, author of the forthcoming book “Clinton Cash,” said although he cannot determine if there was criminality involved in some of the financial dealings of the Clinton Foundation, particularly when Hillary Clinton, a candidate for the 2016 Democratic nomination, was secretary of state, a criminal investigation is warranted.

Schweizer referred to the “pattern of behavior” and said those with subpoena power should take a look at some of these financial dealings.

“[W]hat we have is a pattern of behavior,” Schweizer said. “I was not in any of these meetings. I can’t look into Hillary Clinton’s mind. I certainly can’t look at her emails. So the question becomes what is this pattern? And this pattern consistently shows that donors give large sums of money to the foundation where they pay Bill Clinton a lot for a speech. There’s a policy action that’s taken to the benefit of that donor. In some of those instances Hillary Clinton is actually reversing course on previous policy position. That’s why my recommendation is somebody with subpoena power, with investigative capabilities should look at this behavior.”

“I think it should be [criminally investigated],” he added. “I don’t go in with the assumption it was criminal, but I think it warrants further investigation.”

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