Witness: Dead Muhammad Art Suspects Had Bombs on Body

Sunday on KDFW (FOX), an attendee at the Garland, TX contest for cartoon depictions of Muhammad, while being evacuated from the immediate shooting area that injured one security guard and killed two suspects in a car at an entry driveway to the venue, was told to clear the area because the suspects’ bodies had bombs on them.

Nathan said the immediate aftermath, “was chaos and a lot of panic. I was walking to the side of the building where I parked and before I know it, I see cops pulling out their guns, rifles, shotguns being pulled out. Officers yelling at everybody to get down, take cover. I saw a gentleman that was on the — in the same parking lot as I was but on the opposite side where the shooting occurred. I see him just darting back to the front of the building, um, just completely panicked. My friend and I, we were both almost to our cars. We get in our car and we drive across the street to this empty parking lot to keep an eye on what was going on. We end up after a little bit, we see one gentleman being arrested or at least put in a squad car.”

He added, “An officer coming up to us and telling us we need to move back, They’re expanding the perimeter. We also caught word of reports of bombs and other various things on the body of the two suspects.”

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