Jack Keane: Arab Leaders Tired of Participating in Obama’s ‘Charade Photo Ops’

Monday on Fox New Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” former Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army Gen. Jack Keane discussed President Barack Obama’s upcoming Camp David summit of Persian Gulf states, which the leaders from four of the six invited nations are skipping, including Saudi King Salman, who cancelled today.

Keane said the four leaders who are not coming are “tired of participating in what is a charade” and “photo op” when they disagree with the direction Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran is going.

Keane said of the snub, “Well, this is actually a reflection of this administration’s policies in the Middle East, and the arrogance of those policies and the naive-ness. The arrogance is this — our closest ally is Israel, has laid out for this administration what the problems are with Iran and the dangers that are involved. Our closest Arab allies have done the same thing, time and time again, yet the administration ignores. That is arrogance.”

“The naive-ness — for 35 years, Iran has been using proxies to run roughshod over the Middle East and kill close to 2,000 Americans in those years,” he added. “The reality is that you think you can have a détente with Iran as a result of a nuclear framework deal and they will join the community of nations, which is what the overriding goal of the administration is, is extraordinarily naive. And that’s at the bottom of the frustration of the four leaders who are not coming. It is those two factors. And they’re tired of participating in what is a charade. In other words, a photo op here that somehow they’re all cooperating in some fashion with the administration as it moves towards this very dangerous deal with Iran. They’re not going to put up with it.”

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