Perry: I Wasn’t ‘Healthy’ or ‘Prepared’ in 2012, You’ll See ‘Very Different Person’

Former Texas Governor and prospective GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry stated that if he runs for president “people are going to see a very different person” and that he “wasn’t healthy, I wasn’t prepared” back in 2012 on Friday’s “Sean Hannity Show.”

Perry said, “If I do decide to run this race for the presidency, Sean, people are going to see a very different person than they saw back in 2011, 2012. I wasn’t healthy, I wasn’t prepared. And I’ve spent the last three years in deep preparation so that if I did decide to make that decision, people would see a very, very different, focused, disciplined candidate.”

Perry then touted the importance of preparation and executive experience and touted his handling of the state’s Ebola scare in 2014, contrasting his quick appointment of someone to handle the crisis as opposed to President Obama’s delay in appointing an “Ebola czar,” who gave people “no confidence.”

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