Stephen A. Smith: ‘I Want to Hear From Tom Brady’

On ESPN2’s “First Take” on Monday, co-host Stephen A. Smith responded to former NFL coach Herm Edwards saying that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and quarterback Tom Brady do not need to speak until a ruling has been made by saying he thinks just the opposite.

Smith exclaimed that Brady has not spoken near enough about this whole situation and that he wants to hear from him.

“There is no question in my mind the one person I want to hear from more than anybody is Tom Brady,” he said. “Because Tom Brady is the quarterback. Tom Brady is the one touching the football. I don’t need a bevy of questions. I don’t need an hour long press conference or a 45-minute interrogation. I want the answer to a couple of questions. ‘Did you know the footballs were deflated and did you have anything to do with it being inflated? Yes or no.’ That is all I need to know from Tom Brady.”

“You can’t hide from that,” Smith added. “And the fact that so many people stand up and are like ‘Why did Tom Brady say anything?’ I don’t think Tom Brady has said enough.”

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