CNN’s Costello: Hillary The ‘Wealthy Fatcat’ ‘This Time Around’

CNN host Carol Costello said that “the wealthy fatcat isn’t a Republican, It’s a Democrat this time around” in a discussion on Hillary Clinton’s wealth on Wednesday’s “CNN Newsroom”

Costello, after playing a clip of Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders criticizing Hillary’s wealth, remarked, “It doesn’t help quiet criticism on the Clinton stash of cash when former President Bill Clinton says he’s going to keep giving speeches to help ‘pay the bills.'”

CNN Political Reporter Sara Murray added, “I do think it’s tone deaf comments like that one from Bill Clinton that are going to make this so much harder for Hillary. … She’ll have to find a better way to answer these questions about her wealth.” And “they’re going to have to be smarter about how they address it. They can’t be running around saying things like they need to give these speeches to pay the bills, when they obviously are already very wealthy.” Although, Murray did say the Clintons would be better off if they stick with “this idea that they didn’t come from very much, but they’ve been able to have these successes, and they’ve grown to where they are now, and they want those kind of opportunities for all Americans.”

Costello concluded, that “the wealth question, it sort of feels like déjà vu all over again, doesn’t it? Except the wealthy fatcat isn’t a Republican, It’s a Democrat this time around.”

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