Scarborough: ‘Nobody in the Base Is Excited’ About Jeb Bush

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Joe Scarborough discussed potential presidential candidate former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL)  and his lack of support in last weekend’s Southern Republican Leadership Conference straw poll to which he concluded, “Nobody is excited about Jeb Bush.”

Scarborough said, “You go to any of these events and nobody’s excited about Jeb Bush. At some point, this becomes a real problem, And I know we’re early, but no one — nobody in the base is excited about this guy.”

Bloomberg’s John Heilemann agreed saying, “To me it’s the constellation of problems. There’s not a base in Iowa. There’s not a base in New Hampshire. Apart from the donor class, no part of the Republican party that seems excited about him. And he’s going to need to find someone thrilled about his candidacy if he’s ever going to be the nominee.”

Scarborough asked, “If the guy can’t finish the top five in every one of these events where the base goes, what point are all of these people shoveling money into his coffer saying, maybe this isn’t the smart move?”

Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin said of the political donors backing Bush, “There’s some unease but no one out there right now who is challenging Jeb for their love and affection. A little bit Walker, maybe a little bit Kasich. But he’ll have twice, three times, four, five times as much money as anybody else.

Scarborough concluded, “Man that’s wild.”

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