Jindal: Rand ‘Blaming America,’ ‘To the Left of President Obama’

Louisiana Governor and prospective GOP presidential candidate Bobby Jindal criticized Kentucky Senator and GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul as “reckless,” “blaming America” and “to the left of President Obama” in response to Rand’s comments about ISIS on Wednesday’s “Sean Hannity Show.”

Jindal said, “We can’t afford another four years of the weakness abroad that’s been the hallmark of the Obama administration. When the senator says — when Senator Paul says ISIS exists because of the hawks in the Republican Party that’s a troubling statement from anybody, but certainly a United States Senator. And let’s be honest, if President Obama had said this, a Democrat had said this, every Republican Senator and Governor would be calling them out. We’ve got to be honest and strong, even when it’s somebody in our own party blaming America. I hope he doesn’t mean what he said, if he does, he’s actually to the left of President Obama. I don’t even think Hillary Clinton would say something like that. I don’t think we should be blaming America first.”

He continued, “ISIS exists for the same reason that evil exists in the world. It is evil, it’s not just a force that opposes America. This is a part of radical Islam. We’ve gotta confront it, we’ve got to destroy it. It wasn’t created by America, it wasn’t created by foreign policy hawks in the Republican Party. This is just, in my mind, it’s reckless rhetoric, especially from somebody who wants to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate.”

Jindal further blamed President Obama’s foreign policy for the chaos in the Middle East, particularly his withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

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