Scarborough Attacks Elizabeth Warren for Not Standing Up to Amtrak, Education Unions

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” to the shock of co host Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough blasted Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for criticizing Republicans for playing to their base when she does the same thing by not challenging hers.

After playing a clip of the Massachusetts senator demanding more infrastructure funding, Scarborough said, “I’m for funding. I’m sure as hell for funding more of NIH. We’ve talked about funding infrastructure. But is she going to support changes? Is she going to support real reform. We hear time and time again on this show liberals saying do this, do that. But there was only an earthquake in Nepal because we didn’t spend enough money in Washington, D.C.  Everything goes back with that. We found out with the Amtrak train, it wasn’t about not spending too much money. It was because the union didn’t want do a cheap fix for the union sake. Now, I’m all for infrastructure funding. Is Elizabeth Warren going to be all for reforming stupid workforce practices that make us unproductive and make us waste so much money? Is she going to be for reforming the union stranglehold on Amtrak reform? Is she going to be for more than just saying taxpayers of Massachusetts, I know if you make $300,000 or $400,000 you pay 60 percent of your salary to taxes, fees and regulations, but I think that you’re greedy saw should pay 75 percent of your salaries to taxes, fees and regulations and I’m not going for ask the unions who help elect me to reform anything.”

“It’s enough to come on here and say you’re not spending enough money, when we’re actually spending so much more money than we’ve ever spent before in real term,” Scarborough continued. “But are you willing to make the reforms that maybe your special interests in public education won’t like? Are you willing to make the reforms that your unions that run Amtrak won’t like. And do you know what the answer is every time? The answer is always no. The answer is always no. We will not — we also have Republicans who will not the stand up to their base, but liberals won’t.”

“Let her stand up to the unions and to why people died on the Amtrak train because the unions didn’t want do a cheap fix,” he added. “We talked about this yesterday. Please don’t act shocked. We spent more money per student in America on public education than anywhere else, but we don’t get the results because of the strangled hold of special interests that think public education is more about jobs than teaching kids. I’m not talking to but teachers. They do an extraordinary job. They’re the on the front lines. But there are special interests that Elizabeth Warren needs to stand up to. She loves standing up to the rich and powerful and the people that create jobs. let her stand up to the people that stop reform.”

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