Chaffetz Confirms Customs and Border Protection Copter Fired on from Mexico

On Tuesday’s “On the Record,” host Greta van Susteren interviewed Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

Chaffetz discussed an incident involving a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) helicopter coming under gunfire and confirmed an earlier Breitbart News report that the gunfire originated from the Mexican side of the border.

“What these men and women do at our border are absolutely amazing,” Chaffetz said. “This helicopter was down to about 200 feet pursuing six to seven people they though had transported drugs across the border. And then they started taking fire from the Mexican side of the border. They thought it was an AK-47. The shot went into the hull of the aircraft through the seat — luckily the vest was sitting on the back seat. It grazed off, otherwise it would have taken them out, killed them and would have killed the passenger as well.”

Chaffetz when on to talk about the lawlessness of the U.S.-Mexico border, noting that the absence of a police force in Nuevo Laredo on the Mexican side, where the Mexican Army and Navy are relied upon to maintain law and order.

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