Mika: GOP Candidate ‘Would Be Dead In the Water’ If They Were Similar to Hillary

MSNBC co-host Mika Brzezinski argued that “a Republican candidate in a similar position” to Hillary Clinton, “would be dead in the water” on Friday’s “Morning Joe.”

Brzezinski said that “there’s just kind of a strange lack of honesty that we struggle with” in talking about Hillary Clinton, “or choose not to.” She continued, “I think that a Republican candidate in a similar position would be dead in the water.”

The discussion then turned to the Clinton Foundation’s donors and George Stephanopoulos’ donations to the foundation. During that discussion, co-host Joe Scarborough remarked that “the Clintons and Clintonistas somehow always, Mika, live by another standard,” which Brzezinski seemed to blame on the media.

Later in the segment, Bloomberg Politics Managing Editor John Heilemann added that it was “outrageous” Hillary won’t answer questions from the press. And “part of the reason why she’s — doesn’t take questions from reporters is cause she does not have — apparently doesn’t have good answers to give.”


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