Nicolle Wallace: In Spanish, Jeb Bush Is ‘Hot’

On Tuesday’s “Morning Joe,” one-time communications director for former President George W. Bush and now a co-host on ABC’s “The View” Nicolle Wallace offered high-praise for former Florida Republican Gov. Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign launch on Monday, in particular the portion he addressed spectators in Spanish.

“I can admit that in English he’s a little wonky, but in Spanish, it is like Javier Bardem is speaking and I’m in love. I think the whole campaign should be conducted in Spanish.”

“I’m sorry, in Spanish – he’s hot,” she added. “In Spanish, he goes right to the top of the hot Bushes list.”

“He, George P. is on the list,” she continued. “Marvin can be hunky in certain settings. Forty-one is the hottest of all … You know the other moment of hotness was – my husband was there. So, he said in person it was much more dramatic than what you saw on television. There was a huge immigration protest – a lot of people there and I’ve worked for a lot of politicians. We beat a lot of them up regularly here. But he handled the protests better than I ever seen anyone do so. I think that was a great moment and if you’re going to be president – you better get ready for people to get in your face and protest your policies. I think it is nice he sort of handled it with confidence and there was an opportunity to say, ‘When I’m president I’m going to do something. I’m going to legislate on immigration reform.”

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