Jindal: Left Thinks ‘If You’re Smart, You Must Be a Liberal’

Louisiana Governor and Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal said a Washington Post piece questioning his Indian heritage showed the left believes that you can’t “look a different way and still be a Christian,” and that they believe “if you’re smart, you must be a liberal” in an interview broadcast on Friday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Jindal argued (relevant portion begins around 2:03) that the Post piece was “absolutely” a racial comment. And “Look, they can’t fathom the fact you can be conservative and smart, or that you can look a different way and still be a Christian. … I think that doesn’t compute for them. I really don’t think they — they think that, ‘Well, if you’re smart you must be a liberal.'”

Later, he added, “we’re willing to stand up to the leaders in both parties. The Republican Party is not supposed to be the party of big government. Sean, we’re not supposed to be the party of big business, either. On Common Core, on amnesty, on religious liberty, we’ve seen too many Republicans fold the tent, not fight for conservatives.”

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