Rush: I Admire Trump for Not ‘Buckling’ to ‘New Totalitarians’

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh praised Donald Trump for not “buckling” to the “new totalitarians” (a term coined by a piece in The Federalist) on Wednesday.

Rush said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I cannot emphasize enough, and by the way, I’m not — in fact, I’m doing the opposite of sucking up. I’m not sucking up here. I can relate, is why I know how big a deal this is. The amount of abuse that Donald Trump has taken, the efforts that have been made to destroy him, the ongoing efforts to harm, damage, and, from their perspective, destroy Trump’s businesses, it has been serious, it has been an onslaught, and he has not buckled. And I’m telling you — whatever you think of Trump and all of this, try to keep that in perspective. Most people would have buckled long ago. Most people would have cried uncle and begged forgiveness of the new totalitarians long ago. I have an incredible amount of admiration and respect for just this aspect of what Trump has done. I don’t — I know it seems easy to comprehend this. But, this is one of those things that — well, most people’s reactions, ‘Trump’s rich he can afford it. It’s no big deal.’ You wait till it happens to you. Those who have had this happen, I know some of you have. Be it the IRS, somebody, your employer, somebody has tried to do real damage. You know how difficult it is. In this case, have the — try to imagine the entire country coming after you, as represented by the media, and then all these giant corporations and their sanctimonious CEOs trying to gain favor with the left and the Democrat Party by joining the hit parade against you, and still hanging in there and not buckling.”

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