Obama: 24/7 Access to Nuke Sites We Know About, Previously Undisclosed Sites Get 24-Day Warning

Wednesday in a press briefing promoting his nuclear deal with Iran, President Barack Obama said the inspectors have 24/7 access to known sites. However, if inspections are sought at non-declared site, that will be when the Iranians will get a 24-day notice before inspections begin.

Obama said, “As for the fact that it may take 24 days to finally get access to the site, the nature of nuclear programs and facilities is such — this is not something you hide in a closet. This is not something you put on a dolly and kind of wheel off somewhere, and by the way, if we identify an undeclared site that we’re suspicious about, We’re going to be keeping eyes on it. So we’re going to be monitoring what the activity is, and that’s going to be something that will be evidence if we think some funny business is going on there, that we can then present to the international community.”

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